About me

I am joining TU Delft as an Associate Professor in fall 2018, after a decade of industry experience at the IBM Research Zurich Lab. My research interests lie in the distinct areas of cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and system dependability. I received my PhD from the Penn State University, and I completed my undergraduate studies at National Taiwan University and British Columbia University.

I am recruiting motivated students and postdocs to work on private machine learning, adversarial learning, fair learning, and their applications. Please send me your CV and research interests.

Over the years, I have worked on resource management problems of various computing systems, such as web services, cloud datacenters, and big data processing systems. The central theme of my research is to strike an optimal trade-off between the application performance, e.g., job tail latency and system dependability, and resource allocation. I draw methodologies from analytical models, machine learning, and develop system prototypes for experimental validation.

My recent focus on big data analytics and processing systems leads me to address exciting questions, such as:
  • (i) slim private learning: how to maximize the discovery capability of (deep) machine learning algorithms, while maintaining data privacy at a minimum amount of resources
  • (ii) robust and active learning: how to make learning algorithms robust against adversaries that maliciously manipulate the data input


    Our paper "Automatic Privacy and Utility Preservation for Mobility Data: A Nonlinear Model-Based Approach" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.
    Our paper "Model-Driven Computational Sprinting" has been accepted at Eurosys 2018.
    Our paper "AdaptiveConfig: Run-time Configuration of Cluster Schedulers for Cloud Short-running Jobs" has been accepted at ICDCS 2018.
    Our paper "SmallTail: Scaling Cores and Probabilistic Cloning Requests for Web Systems" has been accepted at ICAC 2018.
    Our paper "Heron: Taming Tail Lateness in Key Value Stores under Heterogeneous Workloads" has been accepted at SRDS 2018.

Professional Services

    I am currently involved in the following conference organizations and journal editorial boards:
    Editorial boards:
      Associate editor at IEEE Transactions on Service Computing,
      Associate editor at IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management,
      Associate editor at IEEE Cloud Magazine,
      Guest editor at ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems.
    Technical program committees:
      INFOCOM 19, IPDPS 19, DSN 19, CCgrid 19