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Lydia Y. Chen

Ph.D. Students

Masoud Ghiassi

Chi Hong 

Jiyue Huang
(With S. Roos)

Bart Cox
(With J. Decouchant)

Jeroen Galjaard

Chaoyi Zhu

Aditya Shankar
(With R. He)

Abel Malan


Hans Brouwer

Roland Kromes


Name Affiliation
Stefanie Roos Professor at University of Kaiserslautern
Robert Birke Assistant professor at University of Torino, Italy
Han Rui Beijin Technology University, China
Marten Van Dijk CWI, the Netherlands
Juan Perez Los Anders Univeresity, Columbia
Pin-yu Chen IBM Research, USA
De-Nian Yang Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Name First employment
Zilong Zhao Postdoc, TUM Germany
Hao Li Assistant professor at Central South University, China

Master Thesis Students

Name Master/Intern Thesis/Project
Gijs Paardekooper Master 24 Source free domain adapttion for TableGPT
Julio Sanchez Master 24 Vertical multi-modality federated learning
Casper Meijer Master 24 Attacks and defense for time series generative models
Jiayi Tang Master 24 Privcacy preserving generative AI
Aditya Shankar Master 23 Vertical federated learning for time series
Chaoyi Zhu Master 23 LeadFL: Client side defense for backdoor attacks in federated learning
Abel Mălan Master 23 Confidential federated Bayesian inference
Jiamin Xu Master 23 Federated latent diffusion learning for tabular synthesis
Mohamed Rashad Master 23 Vertical federated learning for classifier
Miruna Betianu Master 23 Domain adapation for large language models
Yijun Zhu Master 22 Permutation invariant tabular data synthesizer
Jeroen Galjaard Master 22 Noisy fewshots learrning
Erwin van Thiel Master 22 Adversarial example for multi-label problems
Hans Brouwer Master 22 Self-supervised Audio-Reactive Music Video Synthesiss
Jin Xu Master 22 AGIC: Approximate Gradient Inversion Attack on Federated Learning
Izaak Cornelis Master 21 Federated learrning on non-IID data
Aditya Kunar Master 21 GAN-based synthetic tabular data generator
Zhiyue Zhang Master 21 Disparity seeding for maximizing information spread on social networks
Bart Cox Master 20 Efficient multiple DNNs inference on edge devices
Shikhar Deve Master 20 Multi-fidelity hyper-parameter tuning for machine learning algorithms

Bachelor Thesis Students

Name Year Thesis
Ethan Keller 2022 FCT-GAN: Fourier Neural Operator for Global Relation Enhancement in Tabular Data Synthesizing
Viktor Velev 2022 LCT-GAN Improving the efficiency of tabular data synthesis vialatent embeddings
Orhan Rauf Akdemir 2022 Extending CTAB-GAN+ with StackGAN architecture
Marc Visser 2022 UniformGAN: generative adversarial networks in uniform probability spaces
Ben Provan-Bessell 2021 Text-to-Comic Generative Adversarial Network
Maciej Styczeń 2021 Automated Text-Image Comic Dataset Construction
Bartlomiej Kotlicki 2021 HaarCNN: Detection and Recognition of Comic Strip Characters with Deep
Darwin Morris 2021 Synthesizing Comics via Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Krzysztof Garbowicz 2021 DilBERT^2: Humor Detection and Sentiment Analysis of Comic Texts Using Fune-Tuned BERT Models
Cosmin Pene 2021 Multi-Label Gold Asymmetric Loss Correction with Single-Label Regulators
Mark Basting 2021 Multi-AL: Robust Active learning for Multi-label Classifier
Johnathan Rozen 2021 Robust Multi-label Active Learning for Missing Labels
Jan-Mark Dannenberg 2021 Time Series Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Networks
Pepijn te Marvelde 2021 Differentially Private GAN for Time Series
Marcus Plesner 2021 FeTGAN: Federated Time-Series Generative Adversarial Network
Auke Schaap 2021 Time Series Synthesis Using GANs - A take on DoppelGANger
Jeroen Galjaard 2020 Mema: Fast Inference of Multiple Deep Models
Hans Brouwer 2020 Modeling Inference Time of Deep Neural Networks on Memory-constrained Systems
Wouter van Lil 2020 Analysis of the effect of caching convolutional network layers on resource constraint devices
Simon Tulling 2020 Offline Compression of Convolutional Neural Networks on Edge Devices
Khalid El Haji, Noah Posner, Haka Ilbaş, Sergen Karpuz, and Victor Wernet 2020 Synthetic Waste Generator for Classification Training
Dennis Böhm, Dylan Franken, Govert de Gans, Bas Musters, and Bram van Kooten 2020 TAM 2.0
Simon Barendsem, and Jorick Spitzen 2019 Job containerization and orchestration to reduce TTC and operational costs